Significant Reduction in Environmental Impact & Costs

We provide a complete streaming solution for LIVE streaming via Ethernet to YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, and a few more! Our bespoke Virtual Canvas surely highlights the key features, Speaker or Guest of honor details to showcase the customization and enhance the user experience.

Hybrid Event

Increased reach and more attendance

A hybrid event is a tradeshow, conference, unconference, seminar, workshop or other meeting that combines a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component. Each part of a hybrid event, whether in-person or virtual, is specifically designed and personalized for each audience to drive action and exploration.

Fortunately, today’s technology makes it much easier to create a hybrid event that’s as impressive and engaging online as it is in the physical event space. Hybrid events are the perfect solution for those programs that can effectively be held both onsite and virtually.

What is Virtual Event ?

Share the vision virtually

Virtual events, in their simplest definition, are events held online. Virtual events are events that are completely hosted and run online with the potential for attendees to view or participate from anywhere in the world. Virtual events typically consist of an agenda with single or multiple-track presentation sessions and/or collaborative sessions. These sessions are all streamed online.

Virtual events, like in-person events, can cover anything, but typically there are four types of virtual events: virtual conferences, webinars, internal hybrid events, and external hybrid events.

The Future is Here, Aslan 360 Virtual Arena

Aslan Virtual Reality experts do not stop at 360 photography, we also offer 360 degree video tours services as well. This multimedia content allows customers to engage via a virtual tour. Gaining rapid popularity, see how the Live events, automotive, real estate, medical, legal, and other industries are taking advantage of our 360 services.